Mini Honey Sampler - Whipped


A sweet, giftable box containing three 1.5 oz jars of whipped TrueBee honey in three varieties: 

Cinnamon: Organic Ceylon cinnamon gives this honey a bright, energizing kick. Nice on toast or stirred into coffee.

Lavender: Made with organic lavender extract, this light floral version is dreamy on cheese and charcuterie boards, bread, and stirred into green teas.  

Original: Also called creamed honey or spun honey, this “Tennessee Snow” (so-called because it rarely snows in Tennessee so the makers say they have to produce their own) is pure honey that's been whipped to a light and spreadable texture. The taste is sweet and addictive. Use it on toast, biscuits, or cinnamon rolls. This honey also can be stirred into hot drinks. 

Ingredients: Pure, raw honey and either organic lavender extract or organic Ceylon cinnamon in the non-original varieties.

Made by: TruBee Honey

Made in: Tennessee, USA

Specifications: three, 1.5oz jars (outer box will vary in color)